Making the Sign of the Cross

With your right hand:

  1. touch your forehead
  2. touch your heart
  3. touch your left shoulder and then touch your right shoulder
The sign of the Cross is usually made in blessing by a priest, or at a significant points in worship and prayer

Nine points within the Mass you make the sign of the cross:
  1. At the words, "In the name of the Father, and of the Son, and of the Holy Ghost, Amen"
  2. At the words of Absolution or forgiveness of sins, after the General Confession
  3. At the beginning of the Gospel reading*
  4. At the end of the prayer for the dead in the intercessions
  5. (During the Prayer of Consecration) When the Consecrated Host is raised, and
  6. When the Chalice is raised
  7. At Holy Communion, before receiving the Host, and
  8. before receiving the Chalice
  9. When the priest pronounces the final blessing
*The way of making the sign of the Cross at the beginning of the Gospel differs slightly from the usual way. It is made with the thumb of the right hand, and consists of three Crosses in one. A small Cross is traced on the forehead, and then on the lips, and then the hand is moved to the breast. This reminds us that we are redeemed in all our parts: mind, spirit and body. When we hear the Gospel we pray that we should understand it with our minds, speak it with our lips and believe it in our hearts.

It is good practice when entering or leaving a church to dip a finger in and make the sign of the Cross with water. This will remind you of your Baptism and Confirmation in which you were signed with the sign of the Cross.

When we make the sign of the Cross, we are reminding ourselves that what Christ did on the Cross 'He did for me' personally!